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We accord the highest significance to quality in all we do. We are committed to providing high quality, safe and effective medicines and feed supplements for livestock, poultry, and companion animals. Our quality commitment is what defines our responsibility to the animal world and their owners.

We are currently importing medicines from XVET GmbH which is a GMP+ certified company. The safety of raw material, responsible use of ingredients, control, and management of pathogen resistance are being exhaustively regulated by German authorities and the European Union feed regulations.

Additionally, we as Aims Health Solutions maintain proper transportation and warehouse standards to make sure that the end user gets quality products.

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Aims Health Solutions is primarily a vitamin and mineral premix importer and distributor of various feed additives, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and other veterinary products. We cover feed additives, vaccines for poultry and large animals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, amino acids, vitamin + mineral premixes, and pet health care products


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